• Stopping power
  • Heat resistance
  • Durability



  • HIGH PERFORMANCE COATING is a layer of material polished on the surface of disc brake pads which contributes to the highest efficiency of brake from the very first time of usability. In this matter, specially imported materials from Europe possess the quality of increasing brake force in order to remunerate the texture which is not entirely adjoined with brake Rotor during the initial change of brake pads. This is also a coating substance for preserving brake rotor.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN FRICTION MATERIAL is the first layer of friction material, specially designed by a research and development team of Compact and experts from Europe, driven by the determination in development. It passes the examinations in both CV Brake Dynamometer and actual driving utilization for the course of having heat tolerance efficiency, long-lifespan usage, and driving safety.
  • UNDERLAYER is a second layer of friction material, designed for increasing strength in adhesion and high flexibility for absorbing vibration in brake systems, caused by friction between brake pads and brake rotors.
  • SHEAR RESISTANCE STRUCTURE is a steel plate supporting brake pads in cohesion, using a principle of Mechanical Bonding which reinforces enduring cohesion between brake pads and steel plates, to the highest capacity, even during brake condition with continual high temperature, caused by onerous braking load of shipping automobiles’ disc system.


  • Maximum continuous working temperature 500 ํc
  • Original equipment quality and performance
  • Nano Technology disc brake pads for Commercial Vehicles
  • Use International Standard for dynamometer test procedures
  • ISO 9001 and TS 16949 Standards