Showa Premix Radiator Coolant Green

Showa Premix Radiator Coolant Green

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1) Stop the engine and let engine cool down.
2) Drain out radiator liquid.
3) Flush twice with water.
4) Follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for mixing ratio.
5) To assure proper mixing, run the engine with air-condcontrol high until radiator reaches normal temperature. Turn off engine and allow to cool. Recheck coolant level. Add water if necessary.

• Do not top-up or drain when engine is hot.
• Do not mix Long Life Coolant with other coolants.
• Contains Ethylene Glycol.WARNING !
Hazard Statement : Harmful if swallowed.
May cause damage to organs (Central Nervous system, Blood, Kidney, Heart) through prolonged or repeated exposure.
If SWALLOWED : Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician. Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting.warning

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