1997 – Companies established
30th September 1998 – Awarded distribution rights for Nippon Oil Corporation’s Automotive Lubricants (JX Nippon Oil’s) for car assemblers, replacement market and after-sale market in Malaysia.
September 2002 – Commenced localization of Long Life Coolant. Blending and Quality Control of Long Life Coolant is done in-house with the technology know-how from Showa Water Industries Co., Ltd.
February 2006 – Implemented an Environmental Management Systems and certified to MS ISO14001:2004 by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd.
February 2009 – Obtained the distributor right and started to market Panasonic brand car battery in peninsular Malaysia.
March 2009 – Further expanded its product portfolio and start to market Nippon Koyu Ltd., Japan’s grease for automotive industry.
April 2009 – Set up 100% subsidiary named Mayshowa Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., The manufacturing activities of Showa’s automotive products will be shifted to this company.
June 2009 – Begin to export Dot 3 Brake Fluid to Showa Water Industries Co., Ltd. Japan. Showa Automotive Process
October 2009 – Relocation of Head Office and factory to Kampung Baru Subang
July 2010 – New warehouse Completion
August 2011 – Set up of subsidiary Mayshowa Asia Pte. Ltd.  (Singapore Market)
March 2013 – Panasonic Battery Charging Process